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Legal Paternity Test

Designed to meet the requirements of our court system, this service includes complete Chain of Custody documentation and yields an original, notarized result document.

Informational Paternity Test

Just as thorough, but more affordable. The perfect option if your results don't need legal support, but you still want our live help to answer all of your questions.

DNA Immigration Test

When it's a matter of keeping your family together, trust our DNA test for immigration. We'll maintain Chain of Custody, from sample collection to final delivery.

Ancestral Origins Test

When you're curious about your ancestors' migration routes, our ancestry DNA test is the perfect option.

Forensics Test

Don't let doubt get in the way of your future. Protect yourself with a forensics test.

Genetic Predisposition

Prevention requires knowledge. Let us help with a Genetic Predisposition DNA Test.