Know Your DNA Ancestry & Live Longer

Know-Your-Health-Ancestry-TreeTo know your DNA ancestry, there can be all sorts of reasons why a DNA test could help a person identify ancestry medical issues. One of these reasons is what geneticists delicately refer to as a non-paternal event (NPE). This occurs when someone’s biological father differs from who he or she has been told it was. Although not all people who take a DNA test will receive such dramatic results, many will have the experience of discovering that they have ancestry medical issues that they may never known before.

Many of the descendants of Thomas Jefferson, for instance, are also descended from his slave, Sally Hemings. DNA is often a winding road that may lead you to some unexpected and fascinating places. However, there are also many practical applications for it. Discovering that you have a propensity for certain illnesses can make you more aware of them. Finding out that you have longer telomeres may be of some comfort to those who strive for longevity. Obviously, for those who are in their reproductive years and concerned about genetic diseases, The DNA Clinic testing is a way to soothe your worries.

If you’re adopted or donor-conceived person, getting to know your DNA a ancestry test may be one of the only practical ways for you to find out more about your heritage.

Know Your DNA Ancestry Medical HistoryAlthough family trees, scrapbooks and other clues from your family’s past can be useful for certain purposes, DNA testing offers you a direct connection to your ancestry. With science on your side, you may uncover a history that is even more fascinating and inspiring than you could have ever imagined. Some DNA tests even offer clues about everything from your potential athletic performance to your preferences for cilantro.

Some people have been surprised to learn that they share some DNA with celebrities or important figures from the past. A few services will test what your percentage of Neanderthal ancestry is, which can be very fun to discover. Truly, to know your DNA ancestry type testing has given us so many new ways to explore who we are on the deepest, most fundamental level. Although your results may not be shocking or earth-shattering, chances are that you will learn something new about yourself when you receive your results. With this incredible new technology at our fingertips — at an affordable price — there’s never been a better time to take a closer look at your genetic big picture.


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