Genetic Predisposition DNA Testing

Many people today are interested in taking care of their current health and preventing future diseases and conditions. Many tools offer the average person an in-depth look at their disease susceptibility but DNA testing is one of the most effective technologies available today. Because so much of a person’s health lies in their genetic code, reasons for genetic predisposition DNA testing are numerous.

Predisposition For Disease

Many diseases including Type 2 Diabetes have a strong genetic component, but can be prevented by taking early measures. By understanding the risk of developing certain diseases and conditions, individuals can make informed lifestyle changes to minimize these risks. These preventative steps not only decrease future disease risk, they also improve a person’s quality of life. Genetic testing ensures better medical care and checkups. The results of the test allow a person’s doctor to know which diseases to look for and which health checks to take periodically.

Personalized Medications

Each person responds differently to medications depending on their genetics. In some cases, a person may have to use several different medications before finding one that has the optimal results. DNA testing can be used to evaluate a person’s response to certain medications and the potential side effects, allowing both individuals and their healthcare team to make informed decisions and avoid the guessing game.

Understanding Physical and Mental Abilities

While environment certainly plays a large role in a person’s mental and physical abilities, many people are predisposed towards excelling at certain sports, musical instruments, mathematics, or many other areas. Genetics allow people to understand areas where they have a larger potential to perform well. All this information, encoded in the genetic code, can be discovered through testing. A person may then use this information to direct energy to certain areas or fields, once again taking the guesswork out of the equation.

Nutritional Needs

Each person has different nutritional needs depending on genes and the surrounding environment. Although genomes are about 99 percent similar, that one percent makes up a huge part of the differences that is responsible for each person’s uniqueness. The nutritional needs of each person are the area of a new branch of food science known as personalized nutrition. With a nutrigenetic analysis, a person can understand their specific nutritional needs and work to develop a diet that will lead to an optimal intake of nutrients.

Informed Decisions

Keep in mind that while genetic testing offers many benefits, it’s simply one part of creating a healthy lifestyle. A person’s health depends on the complex interaction between genetics, environment, and behaviors. Genetics are an essential part, but only part of the equation. An individual can use this information to make personal behavioral and environmental changes. A doctor and healthcare team may also be able to offer patients expert guidance and advice with this information.

These are the main reasons for genetic predisposition DNA testing. Both children and adults of all ages benefit from getting an in-depth look at their genetic code. This test is easily performed and each person can use this information to promote current health and future health and well-being.