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Genetic Predisposition DNA Testing

Many people today are interested in taking care of their current health and preventing future diseases and conditions. Many tools offer the average person an in-depth look at their disease susceptibility but DNA testing is one of the most effective technologies available today. Because so much of a person’s health lies in their genetic code,… Read more »

Types Of Prenatal Paternity Tests

Have you been thinking about taking a prenatal paternity tests? Establishing paternity can be beneficial to all those involved. The DNA Clinic offers many types of paternity tests to best fit your circumstance and comfort level. Postnatal testing, done after a child’s birth, involves a collection of the umbilical cord taken at the time of… Read more »

DNA Test Frequently Asked Questions

Below are DNA test frequently asked questions; how they are used, why they’re important, what they’re used for, how the samples are collected, and how they can help you. For more information about fee schedules and ordering, you can call 800-831-0178. What is a DNA Paternity Test? A paternity test compares the DNA of a child to… Read more »

Acknowledgment of Paternity AOP

It’s very common to have questions about paternity during pregnancy and many hospitals require Acknowledgment of Paternity (AOP). Searching for and finding answers to your concerns can have both physical, emotional, and financial benefits for both you and your unborn child. The DNA Clinic can help answer your questions and guide you through this sensitive… Read more »

Learn About DNA Paternity Testing

To learn about DNA Paternity testing, they are designed to determine whether or not a specific man is a child’s biological father. Using a small sample of bodily fluid or tissue, the test can confirm that a man and child are a DNA match. Since a child’s DNA is a mix of each parent, a paternity test… Read more »

Know Your DNA Ancestry & Live Longer

To know your DNA ancestry, there can be all sorts of reasons why a DNA test could help a person identify ancestry medical issues. One of these reasons is what geneticists delicately refer to as a non-paternal event (NPE). This occurs when someone’s biological father differs from who he or she has been told it… Read more »

Can A Paternity Test Be Done During Pregnancy

Can A Paternity Test Be Done During Pregnancy

When it comes to getting a paternity test there are many different questions that need answered: “Can a paternity test be done during pregnancy?” “Does a paternity test hurt?” “Where can I get one done?” “When can I get tested?” “What if the father is not willing to contribute DNA?” The DNA Clinic is there… Read more »

Guide to Paternity Testing

Generally, DNA Testing is used to determine or identify the genetic information of an individual. The genetic information is called DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid. It is sometimes called DNA fingerprinting, which is a term used to describe that DNA information is very unlikely to be exactly the same on two persons just like there are… Read more »

Carrying Out a DNA Test for Family Immigration Cases

DNA test for family based immigration cases is habitually used in immigration cases where a citizen or a resident of a country wishes to support a family member for admission into the concerned country. In such situations, the sponsor and their family member are required to establish their biological relationship in the course of DNA… Read more »