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Did you know that we share 85% of our genes with zebra fish?  98% with chimpanzees?  15% with mustard grass?  What genetically distinguishes us from chimpanzees is better left for academic geneticists.  So, what about the other 2% of our genetic makeup?  How does it compare with the various human populations of the Earth?

A system made up of 14 different anthropological regions from around the globe is used to map out your unique geological profile. An ancestral origins DNA test can help you trace your origins back to where your particular genetic lineage may have started. Using a system of geographic data bases, known as the Focused Geongenetic Database, or FOGG DB, your closest matching results are displayed in a bright, easy to read, full color display, and an information report.

Each ancestral map features three key areas. These areas include Population matches, regional matches and strength areas. By extrapolating the data from the FOGG database, we can accurately locate where your strongest genetic region is. Each map is full color, and a written report will help you find greater understanding of the results and provide a great way to delve into your own geological history!

Your history is a unique and personal experience. We would be happy to answer any questions that you may have about taking an ancestral DNA test. Call us today and see what your history says about you!

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