Legal Paternity DNA Testing

Legal Paternity Testing

Tests can be used for identification purposes such as a legal paternity DNA test. A legal DNA test is used in custody disputes, validating relationships for IRS purposes and insurance companies as well as child support agencies and probate courts. In addition to following strict guidelines for the conducting and handling of legal paternity tests and other relationship tests, careful attention is paid in the areas of identification and authentication. Tests are also monitored closely to ensure that proper procedure is followed at all times.

Legal Paternity DNA Testing

Legal Paternity DNA Testing

From the start of the process, all necessary steps are taken to ensure that the results meet legally admissible criteria. In order to ensure that your results meet these criteria, the lab in which this test is performed is held under strict scrutiny. The integrity of your test is crucial. In order to assure this, there are critical steps that must be taken

First, a third party is required to collect the sample. After an entity independent of The DNA Clinic collects the sample, it will be transported to the lab for processing. Once collected, A legally approved third party carrier will transport the sample to the lab in which it is to be processed. This lab must be accredited by the AABB in order for the results to be admissible. Once the test is complete, the results are either sent to you, or to the court, following a set of correct legal procedures. If these steps are not followed, the test may be found inadmissible.

A government issues ID is mandatory at time of collection, and the chain of custody is strictly monitored and verified t ensure that results will be satisfactory to the legal standard. All fees are inclusive and cover the entire spectrum of your test. We do not use hidden charges in regards to any part of our tests.

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